Adventure at Sea

Traveling through the Sea of Sulu,
We saw, in the distance, a cockatoo.
Wherever it flew, we dared to pursue
Till finally an island came into view.

Land Ho! cried Andrew (he's my young nephew),
And he made for the isle in a canoe.
At a quarter past two, with a shout of Yoo-Hoo!
He returned with a load of golden bamboo.

We had no clue the treasure was taboo,
But it must have been cursed by some form of voodoo.
A storm started to brew and then Oh how it grew,
The waves crashed hard and the raging wind blew.

But I knew what to do, so I grabbed the bamboo,
And tossed it all off with the help of the crew.
Then the sky turned blue, what a beautiful hue!
But our sails had some holes, and more than a few.

The deck was broke too, and the mast was askew,
So some of the men started crying Boo-Hoo!
Stop that hullaballo! shouted Mac McGoo
(He's the one with the scary sea serpent tattoo.)

We've got some glue and Look, there's a screw,
In no time we'll fix this old boat up like new.
With that old buckaroo, no one dared to argue,
So we fixed the boat quickly and then had some stew.

Now the only thing I ask of you
Is to please believe this story is true.

An illustration for Adventure at Sea.
Copyright (C) 2008 All Rights Reserved.