Ethan and I, and Freedom

Copying Ethan's every move, I often feel like a puppet on a string. We're like twins, Ethan and I.

When he closes his left eye, I close my right eye. When he yawns and scratches his head with his right hand, I scratch my head with my left hand and mimic his big dopey yawn.

It doesn't matter whether I'm sleeping, watching TV, or eating dinner. When Ethan appears in front of that mirror, I have to drop what I'm doing and get there in a flash. No chance for a life of my own; I'm doomed to follow his lead forever. I live every day in envy of Ethan's life of freedom.

So one day, at just the right moment, I reached out and grabbed Ethan's hand, pulling him into my side of the mirror. Then I leapt into the world of freedom!

My dreams had finally come true: I was living Ethan's life! But every day I had to go to school, and then come home and study all evening. On weekends I had to babysit Ethan's little brother, weed the garden, and clean Ethan's room. After a few weeks of this, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at Ethan and said:

"I've had enough. Let's trade back. This is too hard."

To which Ethan replied: "Trade back? You must be insane! From morning to night I get to do what I want and eat what I like. I only have to come stand here every once in a while and imitate you. This is paradise. I'm not leaving. Absolutely not! From now on, you stay out there and live my life." And with that, he blocked the mirror with iron bars.

And now, just the same as before, I live every day in envy of Ethan's life of freedom.

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