My Amazing Picture Book

When you are sad,
When things get bad,
When you are lonely,
Or when you are lost,
If you will simply take a look
At my fantastic picture book,
It will bring you comfort and joy.
As it will for every girl and boy.

But though you may search in bookstores everywhere,
I'm afraid you won't find my picture book there.
It hasn't been published, what a terrible crime.
To be honest, I'm not finished writing at this time.

But I can already see your radiant smile,
Turning the pages, laughing all the while.
Now, if only I could draw some good pictures,
And come up with a few exciting adventures,
Then I'm sure my fabulous work of art
Would bring much happiness to your heart.

An illustration for My Amazing Picture Book.
Copyright (C) 2008 All Rights Reserved.