One Wish

I take Lily for a walk every day. She's so cute, people go out of their way to greet us: "Hello!" or "Good afternoon!" It makes me feel so good, like I'm the princess of the neighborhood.

Rounding the corner, the smell of fresh-baked pie comes our way. Lily twitches her nose for a moment, then takes off down the street, bouncing like a rubber ball. She is adorable, isn't she?

Lily sleeps with me in my bed every night. She doesn't like being alone, so she cuddles up next to me and sleeps peacefully, softly snoring. It's like Lily is my little baby, and it makes me feel good when we snuggle.

In my dreams, our handsome boyfriends are waiting under the big clock downtown. Lily and I stride toward them, all prim and proper, our hair done up fabulously. Yeah, we're looking good, so grown-up and all.

Ever since we were born, Lily and I have played together, slept together, even eaten together. We do our hair up in the same style, and even our ribbons are the same - aren't they cute?

Lily's eyes are big and round, just like mine. Lily's eyelashes are long and black, just like mine. Lily has a cute little nose, just like mine. Lily's hair is long and silky, just like mine. Lily looks almost exactly like me. Even Father and Mother say we look just like real sisters.

But I have just one request, one favor to ask of God.

I promise we'll never play in Mother's clothes or hide Father's shoes again. I promise we'll always be good girls from now on. So please God, just grant me this one wish: Please give Lily a cute, fluffy tail, just like mine!

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