Our House

When we go out, we use a boat. Our house, it seems to have a moat. >continue


What should I do? I think I'm possessed! Please do not laugh, for this is no jest. >continue

Our New Robot

Last night Daddy bought us a robot To help with the housework and whatnot. >continue

Only You

Some people call me a Stupid Girl. So what? I don't care. They're just Ruthless. I know exactly how smart I am. >continue

Olivia's Magic

Olivia just had to have the best grade in the class, so she wished on the first snowflake. Then all her classmates failed the test they had to take. >continue

Opposite Land

The sun shines in the middle of the night, the rain falls up into clouds of white, >continue

Adventure at Sea

Traveling through the Sea of Sulu, we saw, in the distance, a cockatoo. Wherever it flew, we dared to pursue till finally an island came into view. >continue

Sudsy Sue

Sue loves her red flower-print dress. She'd never settle for anything less. She won't even take it off if you pay her. It seems she responds not even to prayer. >continue

My Amazing Picture Book

When you are sad, when things get bad, when you are lonely, or when you are lost, if you will simply take a look >continue

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