Ethan and I, and Freedom

Copying Ethan's every move, I often feel like a puppet on a string. We're like twins, Ethan and I. >continue

One Wish

I take Lily for a walk every day. She's so cute, people go out of their way to greet us: "Hello!" or "Good afternoon!" >continue

Home Alone

A big black crow flew in through the window. I grabbed a broom and chased it out, But not before it snatched a piece of Mommy's cake. >continue


Abby is saving up to buy a big green parrot, so she babysits the little boy next door. Her dream is to live in a house full of birds someday. >continue

The Twins

"I hate my giant nose; it's just like my mom's," said Jody's sister Judy. "I wish I had cute little noses like you guys." >continue

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