Sudsy Sue

Sue loves her red flower-print dress.
She'd never settle for anything less.
She won't even take it off if you pay her.
It seems she responds not even to prayer.

Since her mother didn't know what else to do,
She decided to start laundering Sue.
Each morning she puts her in the machine
With shirts and shorts, red, yellow, and green.

The water and soap swish round and round,
It's really a wonder Sue hasn't yet drowned.
Next is the rinse cycle and then, at last,
She spins for a while; it sounds like a blast.

When all is finished, her mom takes Sue out
To the backyard, of this there's no doubt.
There she hangs Sue, red dress and all
To dry in the sun by the old stone wall.

You can see her right now, if you just take a look,
Swaying in the breeze as she reads a good book.
It's not a bad deal, if you just do the math.
Sudsy Sue gets away without taking a bath.

Copyright (C) 2008 All Rights Reserved.