Abby is saving up to buy a big green parrot, so she babysits the little boy next door. Her dream is to live in a house full of birds someday.

Joe is saving up to buy a leather baseball glove, so he walks his neighbor's dog. His dream is to be a pro baseball player someday.

Natalie is saving up to buy a black iron wok, so she pulls weeds for the lady across the street. Her dream is to be the chef at a five-star restaurant someday.

Tyler is saving up to buy an encyclopedia of world flowers, so he washes the Emmersons' car. His dream is to open a fabulous flower shop someday.

But me, I don't need to worry about all that working and saving. I'm just sitting here on the sofa, making a list of all the things I'm going to buy. You see, I'm going to be rich and live the easy life. Working so hard for a little cash like my friends - that's not the life for me.

When I asked Dad for my allowance the other day, He gave me a big black shiny sunflower seed and told me how I could get rich.

Dad said:
If I plant the seed in spring, it will grow up into a tall, yellow flower with hundreds of seeds. The seeds will fall off in autumn, and the next spring each of them will grow into a new flower. These will bear seeds of their own, and in just a few short years there will be fields and fields of sunflowers. And the best part is, I won't even have to lift a finger!

Then, Dad said, it's time to start selling the seeds.

Sell the seeds as food to pet owners like Abby. Sell the seeds as snacks to athletes like Joe. Sell oil from the seeds to chefs like Natalie. Sell the best-looking flowers to florists like Tyler.

Surely I'll be the richest boy in the world, just lying around in bed all day, doing as I please.

But hang on a minute.
If this really works and Dad has known about it all along, how come I'm sitting here in this little house on this old sofa, wishing I could be rich someday?

Play "Make the seed disapper".

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